Cathedral of Saint Nicholas de Bari

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Published: 21st July 2011
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The cathedral of Saint Nicholas de Bari is the main church and one of the most important landmarks of the city of Alicante and it is one of the many things that have been left in Alicante since the Moorish times. As many other churches in Spain, it was built upon the ruins of an old mosque. It is built in a style of renaissance with some elements of baroque, which are often seen as one of the best patterns of Spanish style of baroque. Though there are many Catholic cathedrals in Spain, each one of them is unique and has its own history. Alicante as well as other places and their famous landmarks have gone through different periods of time and experienced a lot, so each of them has its own story. If you love history and culture, places like the cathedral of Saint Nicholas de Bari with its ancient old towns are the best places for you to visit.

The cathedral looks the way we can see it today only since the second half of 17th century. It is more than 45 meters high with its beautiful blue dome. In contrast with other churches nearby, the cathedral of Saint Nicholas de Bari hasn’t been reconstructed in different periods of time, so it has preserved its style more or less homogeneous, so it is a great pattern of Spanish baroque of the 17th century. Only the main front of it has remained since the 15th century, when there was the previous temple.

The cathedral looks very simple from the outside, but at the same time very impressive. Interior is on the contrary very abundantly decorated. What this cathedral also stands out with is the wonderful chapel, which is often assumed to be one of the most beautiful chapels in the whole country. The cloister of the cathedral that has an amazing pattern of adorned wooden doors in the style of baroque, is also something you should pay attention once you visit this place.

You can find the cathedral at the square of Abad Penalva, which is near the centre of the old city and the beach. If you are visiting the cathedral, it is very easy to combine it with a visit of other interesting places nearby. The cathedral of Saint Nicholas de Bari is closely located to the castle of Santa Barbara, the Archaeological museum and the St. Maria’s church.

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